‘Pretty Little Liars’ Couple Power Rankings

-Tara Aquino

What keeps Pretty Little Liars fans hooked isn’t the murder mystery it was originally built on. The fact that that’s basically solved, and that the writers keep backtracking on plot points for the sake of spreading the series out across two more years is more discouraging than anything. No, what keeps fans hooked are the ships: Haleb, Ezria, Spoby, and Paily. Who doesn’t love to watch relationship drama? Going into tonight’s Christmas special on ABC Family, we’re reevaluating the four main couples on the show, and determining which one is currently running Rosewood.

4. Ezra and Aria

Photo Credit: ABC Family

We know there are a lot of Ezria shippers out there, so to see them at the bottom of the list might piss you off, but let’s take a look at the facts: Ezra continued dating Aria after finding out that not only was she a minor, but she’s in the English class he’s teaching. He then dragged her through hell when his ex-fiance he failed to mention shows up in his life, followed by an ex-girlfriend who claimed to have birthed his child. When that blew over, it was revealed that he, too, had a relationship with Alison DiLaurentis and decided to infiltrate her and the other Liars’ lives as research for his true crime novel, and to figure out who A is, pushing Aria to a nervous breakdown. And then dude goes and gets himself shot by A, and now Aria’s knocking on his door again. Let’s be real, this isn’t love, it’s Stockholm Syndrome.

3. Paige and Emily

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Nothing says you have a crush on someone like trying to drown them in a pool.Nothing brings a couple closer together than witnessing your girlfriend being kidnapped by your ex-girlfriend’s stalker ex-boyfriend. And nothing screams stability like learning your girlfriend formed a revenge army to take down your first, who to be honest kind of had it coming. Sure, Paige and Emily have put each other through every life or death situation imaginable, but it’s got to say something that they’re still celebrating the holidays together.

2. Toby and Spencer 

Basically, Spencer fell in love with the dude whom she first thought killed her best friend. It turns out he’s actually not Anthony Perkins-meets-Boo-Radley. Rather, he’s a white knight who risks his life who masquerades as an A team member in order to protect Spencer. Sure, he disappears sometimes to brood on random dark corners in London, but he always comes back just in time to rescue Spencer. Dude even joined the police force, presumably to do a better job than the crooked cops who botched Ali’s murder investigation. 1. Caleb and Hanna

Photo Credit: ABC Family

Caleb and Hanna are the only couple who’ve looked out for each other’s best interests throughout the entirety of their relationship. For the most part. Caleb became aware of Hanna when Jenna paid him to spy on her, but he was super, super sorry and confessed quickly. Since then, he’s been hacking his way around the A team whenever the Liars need him. Plus, on a non-murder-related note, Caleb and Hanna actually communicate their needs, a basic relationship necessity that escapes all the other couples. When Caleb leaves town for a bit (more specifically, a failed PLL spin-off), he tells Hanna first. And, just as easily, when Caleb returns, she’s the first to know. Lies, deception, and games need not apply.

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