Melissa Joan Hart Beat AC/DC’s Frontman In A Maserati Race

Did you know Melissa Joan Hart was into car racing? The actress revealed her hobby on Big Morning Buzz Live while discussing her directorial debut and Peter Pan Live! connection.

Above, Hart describes her stint on The Race, a British racing reality show, in the late `00s. “I had raced the Long Beach Grand Prix and the National Grand Prix and I was into racing for a while,” the actress said. For two weeks, she raced courses in the U.K., driving different cars each day.

“The first day was the Maseratis. I had the flu, and I beat Brian Johnson. But the funny thing is, he beat me the next day in the dune buggies.” Beating AC/DC’s lead singer must’ve earned Hart street cred, but we wish the band found a spot for her on their new album.

Perhaps the former Clarissa Explains It All star was too busy for AC/DC. She directed and starred in a new Lifetime film called The Santa Con. “It’s, like, the only Christmas movie with a male perspective,” Hart said in the clip below. The actress’ other big holiday appearance was during Peter Pan Live!, starring in Walmart commercials with her kids. At least the retailer bought the kids holiday gifts!