Celebrities Show Support for the Eric Garner and Ferguson Protests

  • Kobe Bryant

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  • Lakers

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  • LeBron James

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  • Kyrie Irving

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  • Brooklyn Nets

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  • Johnson Bademosi

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  • Melvin Ingram

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  • Reggie Bush

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  • Derrick Rose

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  • J.Cole

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  • Spike Lee

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  • ’Selma’ Cast

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-Tara Aquino

The grand jury decisions not to indict officer Darren Wilson, the man responsible the wrongful killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO last August, and not to charge NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo for his fatal (and illegal) chokehold of Eric Garner last July have left the nation flabbergasted. Coast to coast, protesters are gathering in droves seeking justice. And among those protesters are some well-known celebrities.

From Kobe Bryant and LeBron James donning their “I Can’t Breathe” shirts against the Eric Garner decision, to J.Cole marching alongside protesters, here are photos of famous faces showing their solidarity with the nation.

The Gossip Table discusses how New York City reacted to the Eric Garner decision.

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