Which A-List Actor Was Jaleel White’s Basketball Buddy?

On Big Morning Buzz Live, Jaleel White revealed that he balled with George Clooney in the `90s. He told Nick Lachey about playing basketball with the former ER star, and the suave actor’s best moves on the court.

“I had a basketball hoop for years in the alley right next to [Family Matters’] stage and ER shot right next door to us.” said White. “And one day a teamster came out to us and said, ’Hey, do you mind if we take your basket and take it out in the middle so that both shows can play.'” White agreed, but then no one realized he had the hoop first. “Within a week, people were like, ’Aw man, you should come play on George Clooney’s basket!'”

White wasn’t fazed and gave Clooney props. “George is a very good Horse player. I’m sure he’s tired of me talking about it. People ask all the time. He’s an amazing Horse player.”