The Best Schmidt-isms to Guide You Through Cuffing Season

No one watches New Girl without falling in love with Schmidt. Played by the hilarious Max Greenfield, Schmidt’s the gang’s resident Lothario. He’s got pockets as deep as the sea and a libido as crazy as a mongoose in a burlap sack. Despite his self-centeredness, the dude’s also got a heart of gold — just one of the reasons why he’s never alone.

This cuffing season, you don’t have to be alone either. Though the show is on hiatus for the holidays, you can still take cues from Schmidt on how to attract and maintain a partner. In no time, you’ll be cozying up by a fire, sipping hot chocolate with the one (or the one you think is the one through, maybe, March).

Work on your confidence with daily affirmations.

Don’t be afraid to ask your more experienced friends for advice on pleasing a partner.

Let someone know you’re interested in them by speaking to them politely, not staring at them in a creepy “I wanna wear your skin” way.

Mind your pick-up lines. There’s are fine line between sexy and stalker.

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Be upfront with what you can offer a prospective partner.

You attract more flies with honey than vinegar, so mind your hygiene. Things can get sweaty under that winter coat.

Maintain a solid friend group to support and encourage you through your romantic endeavors. Rejection isn’t easy, especially during the most sensitive time of the year.

A fit body signals discipline and dedication, so keep it tight.

Cuffing season is filled with people on the prowl, looking for someone to get cozy and watch Christmas movies with. Make sure to share family anecdotes that suggest you’re exactly that person.

Show off your hobbies.

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Don’t be afraid to send little gifts that say, “Hey, I’m just thinking about you.”

Cuffing season isn’t for meaningless hook-ups, so, most importantly, take some time to get in touch with your emotions.

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