Here Are 15 Movie Musical Adaptations That Don’t Suck

Film and television adaptations of popular musicals haven’t been doing so hot lately. After enduring the disastrous live-action Peter Pan that aired on NBC earlier this month – not to mention last year’s The Sound of Music featuring Carrie Underwood “acting” – plus less-than-stellar translations of Nine (2009) and Rock of Ages (2012), is it possible Broadway and the screen just don’t mix?

With Into the Woods skipping into theaters Dec. 25, we’ll get a little bit closer to finding out. We’re optimists and think there certainly is a place for musicals at the movies and on television. Heck, there’s a laundry list of successful adaptations to prove it. The song-and-dance mojo wasn’t present for some efforts – let’s just forget about Pierce Brosnan’s singing in Mama Mia (2008) – but others were right on point. And even won Oscars. 

West Side Story (1961)

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