Celebrity Babies We Can’t Wait To See in 2015

But really, can you blame us for getting excited about these A-list babies? There are so many reasons to anticipate their arrival into the world. Most stars are style-savvy, and we can’t wait to see photos of their new tykes decked out in threads we wish we could afford. (You know Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ child will look fab given his or her mother’s well-documented fashion sense.) Also, who doesn’t love a cute baby selfie? Soon, our Instagram feeds will be flooded with photos of these kids looking adorable, and our hearts won’t be able to take it. (Alicia Keys is very active on Instagram with more than 2 million followers, so we hope she’ll share some feels-inducing snapshots of her second child, who is due any day now.) However, more than anything, stars having babies is a friendly reminder that they’re just like us. They too must comfort crying infants at 3 AM and attempt to shed baby weight. We’re not alone!

Browse through our gallery of babies we can’t wait see next year. Who’s on your baby watch? Let us know in the comments below.

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[Photo Credit: Getty Images]