People Magazine Awards’ Worst Dressed + Biggest Fails

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  • Gwen Stefani

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  • Nick Cannon

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The first-ever People Magazine Awards aired tonight on NBC, and it was certainly star-studded (and weird). From Karlie Kloss to Jennifer Lopez, the A-listers showed their beautiful faces in support of People and Entertainment Weekly. However, not everyone was dressed to kill. Did we mention the show was weird?

Browse our gallery of style letdowns, but first, we must discuss the sheer hilarity of it all. Everything about this night felt strange. The show was cheesy, sparkly, and included random photos of celebrity dogs and videos of children singing. The “WTF?!” factor was high, so let’s break down the biggest fails.

1. Nick Cannon couldn’t get a laugh. 

Cannon’s humor wasn’t on point. We love him, but one-two punch jokes were replaced with bizarre banter about what a great host he was and how AWESOME THE PEOPLE MAGAZINE AWARDS are. We really needed him to calm down and stop acting so wild (n’ out).

2. Presenters had some trouble reading. 

Seriously, was there even a teleprompter? Everyone from Kloss (who was just plain awkward during her multiple speaking parts) to Eric Dane and Pharrell had trouble getting through their 30-second intros. It was painful and made us wonder if Hollywood needs to borrow our Hooked on Phonics set.

3. The categories were random AF. 

This was the awards show where Sexiest Woman Alive and Charity Trend of the Year were muttered in the same breath. That’s right: People magazine editors literally ranked charities and decided which one was the “trendiest.” *Face palm.*

4. What was with the weird montages?

Everything from celebrity weddings to viral videos and celeb/dog selfies were honored in montage form, and set to an ear-crushing EDM beat. It was…peppy. Yeah, let’s go with peppy.

5. 5 Seconds of Summer sang a cover.
Instead of performing one of their hits, they opted to revive The Romantic’s “What I Like About You.” And it came off like a high school talent show more than a Hollywood party. Gwen Stefani and Pharrell also gave a cringe-worthy performance of their song “Spark the Fire” that was all kinds of no.

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