The Best Film and TV Reunions of the Year

  • Dawson’s Creek

    [Photo Credit: @vanderjames]

  • Thelma and Louise

    [Photo Credit: @SusanSarandon]

  • The O.C.

    [Photo Credit: @autumnreeser]

  • Roswell

    [Photo Credit: Chickster]

  • Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

    [Photo Credit: @ambertamblyn]

  • One Tree Hill

    [Photo Credit: @sophiabush]

  • Napoleon Dynamite

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  • When Harry Met Sally

    [Photo Credit: Getty Images]

  • Mighty Ducks

    [Photo Credit: @redcrumbs]

  • Mean Girls

    [Photo Credit: EW

  • Mean Girls

    [Photo Credit: @whatsupdanny]

  • The Wonder Years

    [Photo Credit: EW]

  • Maid in Manhattan

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  • Married With Children

    [Photo Credit: Getty Images]

  • Laguna Beach

    [Photo Credit: @lobosworth]

  • Laguna Beach

    [Photo Credit: @stephencolletti]

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    [Photo Credit: @RealSMG]

  • 10 Things I Hate About You

    [Photo Credit: @karenmccullah1

  • Full House

    [Photo Credit: Getty Images]

  • 7th Heaven

    [Photo Credit: @beverlymitchell]

  • Clueless

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  • Friday Night Lights

    [Photo Credit: Getty Images]

  • Jersey Shore

    [Photo Credit: @sammisweetheart]

For any pop culture junkie, 2014 was a nostalgia overload. It seemed like every other week, actors from cult TV shows and movies would tweet reunion pics with their former cast members, sending fangirls and boys into a frenzy.

This year alone saw Mean GirlsTina Fey and Lindsay Lohan reunite with the rest of the Plastics, and gave us a 10 Things I Hate About You get-together we didn’t know we needed. Click on to see more of the best film and TV reunions that happened this year.

Tara Aquino is an entertainment writer based out of L.A. She likes people, places, and things.