5 Times You Wished Denzel Washington Was Your Dad

Denzel Washington turns 60 today, and in his lifetime he’s played a lot of badasses. From Jake Shuttlesworth in He Got Game to Det. Alonzo Harris in Training Day, his characters have had a rough-and-tumble in history that’s given the Washington a reputation for being one of the grizzliest actors in the game. However, alongside that, he’s also been stacking his filmography with roles that’ve required of him inspiring speeches, self-sacrifice, and subtle sweetness, the kinds of roles that’ve essentially made him a kind of Hollywood father figure.

Who wouldn’t want an old man who could put you into place in one profound speech or risk his entire life just to ensure your safety? In celebration of his birthday, here are five times you wished Denzel Washington was your dad.

That time he brought together a segregated football team in Remember the Titans (2000).

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