These Awkward Holiday Dinners Will Make You Feel Better About Your Own Family Drama

Courtney Enlow

There is an eternal set of holiday staples upon which you can rely each and every year: Christmas music, tins of stale cookies, too many eggnogs (you lushes) and, above all else, the awkward family dinners. Yes, we all have those meals with the extended family replete with uncomfortable political debates and questions regarding just when someone intends to marry or reproduce. But, for these four celebrity families, dinner might be a bit more awkward than it is for the rest of us.

The Carter-Knowles Family

After Elevatorgate, the true story of which we may never really know, we imagine this family has had more than its fair share of awkward moments. Hopefully any uncomfortable silences at the dinner table can be broken with Blue Ivy’s flawless dance moves.

[GIF Credit: MTV]

The Lohans

The likelihood of everyone in this mess sitting down to dinner together is low, but, oh my, is it ever fun to picture. Michael and new step-mama Kate Major drunkenly fighting with Dina while Lindsay reminds everyone she’s a true thespian now, all to the dulcet tones of Ali Lohan singing her classic, “Lohan Holiday,” and the other ones do other-one things? We can’t picture a more perfect celebration of this special time of year.

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