Oscar Isaac Moments That Will Make You Melt Inside

Why Oscar Isaac isn’t a bigger star is baffling. The actor, who’s got his latest film A Most Violent Year dropping tomorrow, checks off all the boxes for “Hollywood Heartthrob.” He’s multitalented, brooding, darkly handsome, and mysterious. Not to mention, he pops up in every other critically acclaimed movie (see: Inside Llewyn Davis) and has lined up two major blockbusters (see: Star Wars: The Force Awakens and X-Men: Apocalypse). He’s basically a Guatemalan Ryan Gosling. But we’re not complaining. He can be our little secret.

If you want to be in on the undiscovered sexiness of Oscar Isaac, too, then just bask in this tribute to his most charming moments. You’ll need to take a seat for this. A weakening of the knees is bound to happen.

When he went around pouring water for guests at the Golden Globes like he knows the thirst is real.

[GIF Credit: GQ]

When he turned folk ballads into panty-dropping music.


When he stole Drive from Ryan Gosling as a bloody mess you just want to cradle and clean up.

[GIF Credit: Rebloggy]

When he sang a love song he personally wrote for 10 Years.

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