Celebrity Comebacks We’re Ready for in 2015

Courtney Enlow

Thanks to the return of Valerie Cherish, 2014 was the year of the comeback — or at least, The Comeback. We hope 2015 follows suit, because there are some long missed celebrities we want back in a big way.

Adam Brody

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While the former and eternal Seth Cohen still works steadily, we miss seeing him regularly and have always wished he’d blown up way bigger than he has. Hopefully his role in the upcoming Kevin Smith flick Yoga Hosers, as well as his great working relationship with the David Wain/Ken Marino crew behind The Ten and Burning Love, will ensure this is the year everyone remembers what a gem we had in Mr. Leighton Meester.

Brody’s TV father, Peter Gallagher, told Big Morning Buzz Live he tried to convince him to try out his signature eyebrow look.

The rest of the Now & Then cast

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Gaby Hoffmann has made a big return to our lives in the last two years, thanks to movies like Obvious Child and Crystal Fairy & the Magical Cactus and the show Girls. We desperately want that to be just the tip of the iceberg and her comeback magic will extend to the rest of the surviving cast members from the 1995 coming-of-age classic. Christina Ricci? It’s time. Thora Birch? It’s time. Devon Sawa? Sure, why not, he can come, too. (Ashleigh Aston Moore sadly died in 2007 at 26 years old.) Those kids shaped adolescence for a lot of us — let’s shape them up some successful adult careers.

Macaulay Culkin

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While we’re still strolling Former Child Star Boulevard, we of course must stop at Mac’s house. Look. Dude has had a rough time. Rumors of drug abuse, a couple of death hoaxes and now ex Mila Kunis is a mom and may-or-may-not-be married to Ashton Kutcher, that takes a toll. We know from Saved and Party Monster that Culkin still has chops, and his brothers are doing quite well. If he’s interested, we hope he comes back to us. God willing, in a role on Veep opposite My Girl co-star Anna Chlumsky. THOMAS J. AND VEDA FOREVER.

Jenna Fischer

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It seemed for a time that Fischer’s movie career would explode — as it certainly deserved. But, after Walk Hard and a few middling bro comedies, we haven’t seen too much of our sweet Pam Beesly since The Office ended in 2013. Hopefully the mom of two little ones (daughter Harper was just born in May) was just enjoying some break time with her family and will score soon.

Keisha Castle-Hughes

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One of the youngest performers to ever be nominated for the Best Actress Oscar, Castle-Hughes exploded onto the scene in her first ever movie, Whale Rider. When she became pregnant with her son just as promotion began on 2006’s The Nativity Story, there was a backlash. It seemed people didn’t care for a pregnant, unwed teen portraying the Virgin Mary… a pregnant, unwed teen, and her career stalled. But, this year, we’ll see her on Game of Thrones as one of Oberyn Martell’s daughters, the Sand Snakes and that should go a long way toward a well-earned return.

John Cusack… in good movies
Come on, dude. Seriously. We’re not asking you to go back to being Lloyd Dobbler or anything, but how about a decent role in a decent movie for a change?