The Most Insane ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Theories on Reddit

Pretty Little Liars fans, rejoice! The second half of the fifth season premieres tonight on ABC Family. We received a little taste of Rosewood with the “ChristmAs” special last month; however, Aria (Lucy Hale), Hanna (Ashley Benson), Emily (Shay Mitchell), and Spencer (Troian Bellisario) are officially back in business. And the first question on everyone’s mind — as it has been for the past five years — is, “Who the hell is A?”

Reddit users have some pretty wild theories on who exactly lies underneath the black hoodie. There are solid arguments that one of the core four girls is A, with particular suspicions toward Aria and Hanna. However, we also have a few wildcard theories — like, um, Emily’s dad Wayne. But that’s not all Reddit users are discussing. One sleuthing user has a theory that asserts Bethany is Jessica DiLaurentis’ daughter, while another accuses Mrs. DiLaurentis of resenting her son Jason so much that she tried to make him a girl. Yup, the Internet is a wild place.

Here are nine PLL Reddit theories that are just a tad bit kooky. Take a gander, and let us know the craziest theories you’ve stumbled across in the comments below.

Aria is Big A. 

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