Since ‘Parenthood’ Is Promising a Big Death in the Final Season, Here’s Who We Want To See Bite the Dust

With the final four episodes of Parenthood beginning tonight, the question on every fan’s mind is: Who is going to die? Up until now, the Bravermans have survived hell and back, with every member of the ever-growing Bay Area family remaining intact. However, creator Jason Katims has previously stated that this last season will explore mortality. And with mortality comes death.

Really, the only question should be, will the character be obvious or will the decision come out of nowhere like a speeding truck at an intersection? Here are our predictions.

Zeek Braverman

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This is the most obvious choice. The patriarch of the Braverman clan (played by Craig T. Nelson) has been having heart problems all season, and spending quality time with individual family members as if he’s already scheduled his date with destiny. Think about it, did Drew (Miles Heizer) get that much screentime before Zeek decided he needed to drive down the PCH with his eldest grandson? Then again, the hints are so blatant that Zeek might just be a distraction.

So should he die? No, because it would just be too disappointingly obvious.

Kristina Braverman

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What hasn’t Kristina (Monica Potter) survived? She’s learned to live with an autistic son (Max Burkholder), cope with an unexpected pregnancy, and fight breast cancer all while campaigning for mayor and opening a charter school. She’s a fighter, but that doesn’t mean she’s invincible. We wouldn’t rule out the idea of the cancer returning at an accelerated rate. After all, Adam and his family have the most uncanny storylines, and this bombshell wouldn’t be out of place.

So should she die? No, hasn’t she been through enough!?

Crosby Braverman

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Season six has been all about Mid-Life Crisis Crosby (Dax Shepard). In the beginning, audiences saw him take a spill on his bike when he couldn’t handle hanging around in the hospital with his ailing dad. The accident left him with fractured ribs, injuries which he kept from his wife (Joy Bryant). Of course, this couldn’t come at a better time: when his recording studio the Luncheonette is on the verge of going under. With all this pressure on the Braverman’s youngest son, it’s easy to see him flying off the handle.

So should he die? Maybe. Without Crosby, half the fun would be sucked out of the series, but then again it’s ending anyway.

Amber Holt

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The show’s resident loose cannon (Mae Whitman) has gotten into drunken bar fights, a life-threatening car accident, and is seemingly always on the verge of yet another death scare. Now pregnant and at a stable job, Amber finally has her life in order. But then again, every time Amber seems to have her life in order (see: her happy engagement to baby daddy Ryan), it tears at the seams (see: her broken engagement to baby daddy Ryan, who re-enlisted in the military and left her cold).

So should she die? No, she gives hope to all messed up kids that things can actually turn out OK.

Sydney Graham

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So it’s messed up to put a child on here, but it’s necessary to at least bring up one. We’re picking Joel (Sam Jaeger) and Julia’s (Erica Christensen) biological daughter (played by Savannah Paige Rae). Throughout the entire series, Sydney’s grown into a miserable human being. Sure, she’s had to deal with her parents divorce, an adopted older brother (Xolo Mariduena), and basically being forgotten about by the entire Braverman family, but it still doesn’t change the fact of who she is now. She’s a spoiled brat who’s become her school’s bully. And not to get all after-school special on this bitch, but we’ve all seen enough Degrassi to know how bullying victims usually deal on TV.

So should she die? Yes, because she’s the worst.

Adam Braverman

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The Braverman’s eldest son is probably the only person who’s kept it together the entire run of the series. Joel (Sam Jaeger) and Julia (Erica Christensen) are going through a separation, Sarah (Lauren Graham) has enough boy problems to make even the viewer miserable, and we already know Crosby’s deal. Essentially, Adam has been the family’s rock, even taking fatherless Drew under his wing. If Parenthood has indicated anything, it’s that Katims is very interested in the vulnerability of the individual and the unpredictability of life. And Adam isn’t superhuman.

So should he die? Yes, ’cause life isn’t this perfect.

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