Naya Rivera Isn’t a Kim Kardashian Wannabe, She’s Better

Naya Rivera and Kim Kardashian are practically twins — clothes, makeup, plastic surgeries, and all. After a few changes to her look and a very public diss towards Kim and her nude Paper cover in November, everyone started pitting the two TV stars against each other. What they seem to forget is that only one of these ladies actually has legitimate talent.

One could argue that Kim’s “talent” is being a successful businesswoman. But regardless of her high-roller status, let’s remember that she got her start after a sex tape (and is also the most boring member of her family’s reality show). Unless taking great seflies is a skill we should all aim for, I’m still not seeing any true talent here. Naya, on the other hand, took a more admirable route into Hollywood as one of the stars of Glee — a show that didn’t require giving a great blow job on camera.

To further separate these two lookalikes, let’s break it down by category.

1. Acting

On Glee, Naya plays Santana Lopez, a former sassy cheerleader who has no filter.

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