10 Reasons Why Marnie on ‘Girls’ Doesn’t Suck

HBO’s Girls has been met with a polarizing response through its entire run, but there’s one thing viewers can agree: Marnie is the worst. Played by Allison Williams, Marnie is the Brooklyn foursome’s resident buzzkill. The stuck-up country club card member who’ll homewreck a marriage without a decent apology, hook up with her BFF’s ex-boyfriend out loneliness, and get salty and vindictive when one of her friends outperforms her at work. Basically, she’s not an easy person to deal with, but that doesn’t mean she’s the worst.

The girl’s got her charming quirks, too. But most of all, she’s just as neurotic and broken and lost and messed up as all of us. Specifically, here are the reasons why Marnie doesn’t entirely suck.

She’s always down for a late night dance party.

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She eats carbs. That’s it. She eats carbs.

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Her comebacks will own you.

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She knows all the fashion rules, like don’t wear both brown and black, and don’t wear white pants after Labor Day.

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She’ll plan the weekend getaways you and your friends always talk about but are too lazy to initiate.

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She’s got the drive (albeit misguided) to achieve her pop star dreamz.

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She’s not above Facebook stalking her exes.

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She quit her job like a boss.

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She can see into your soul.

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She hates her life as much as you hate her.

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Basically, Marnie is simply an overprivileged misguided WASP who’s just now experiencing peasant struggles. Cut her some slack, people.

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Tara Aquino is an entertainment writer based out of L.A. She likes people, places, and things.