Pop Star Puts Condom on Her Leg to Prove Your Junk Is Not “Too Big” to Wear One

Think you’re too big to bag it up before sex? Swedish singer Zara Larsson is calling B.S. The 17-year-old winner of the Swedish version of Britain’s Got Talent shared a pic with her 500,000 Instagram followers of condom successfully rolled up her leg. And no, she doesn’t have the leg of an infant.

Here’s what she shared:

To all the guys saying “my dick is too big for condoms” TAKE A SEAT

A photo posted by Zara Larsson (@zaralarsson) on Jan 1, 2015 at 12:40pm PST

And if you think you’re any bigger than a full-grown adult lady leg, then you probably need to get that situation checked out by a doctor. Shit’s not healthy, unless you’re a walrus. Larrson went onto post in her blog responding to the reactions to her photo. Translated from Swedish, this is an excerpt of what she has to say:

Yesterday I put up a picture on my leg where I had entered a condom over it and wrote “to all the guys who say you have too much cock for condoms, sit down.” I did it as a fun thing only. Then I see how newspapers write about what feminist genius I am! Firstly, do you even know what a genius is? Carry on … What becomes problematic here is that I’m really not a feminitiskt genius, not on the picture anyway. People are, as expected, very provoked over my non deserved accolades and then start writing some half a nasty things about / to me. What the hell should I do about it? Haha. This sounds so damn corny but I really do not know where all the so-called tributes coming from. I, personally, do not consider myself to be some kind of Holy Mary of feminism. It’s kind of just been so for unknown reasons. I am fully aware that there are many, many girls who are better than me at this so extremely many ways and who receive little attention.

Forget the negative feedback. The point is: Larsson completely owned every cocky, so to speak, douchebag out there. Oh, and here’s a photo of Zara, just so you can put a face to the leg:

New York is cold as a muthaaaaa but it’s still my fave A photo posted by Zara Larsson (@zaralarsson) on Jan 1, 2015 at 8:08pm PST

[Photo Credit: @zaralarsson]

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