Benedict Cumberbatch’s Baby Mama Sophie Hunter Is Almost Too Good for Him

When news broke that Benedict Cumberbatch was engaged, Cumberbitches all over the world broke out in hives. Who dare dash the dreams of thousands of insane fans still holding onto the .000001% chance they had with the Sherlock star? Well, her name is Sophie Hunter, but don’t you call her Mrs. Benedict Cumberbatch. She’s done way more in her 36 years than you’ll do in your lifetime to be dismissed like that. In fact, the British beauty’s resumé is so impressive it makes you wonder if Cumberbatch was deserving of her, and not the other way around.

She’s a boss in the global theater community.

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Not only did she co-found the Lacuna Theatre company in London, but she’s also a director for the Royal Court Theatre on the West End, the Boiler Room in Los Angeles, and the Broadhurst Theatre in Manhattan. Her work on stage, which switches between acting and directing, has taken her all around Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and North America. Her most recent play as director is 2013’s 69° South, but her the standout project in her career is The Terrific Electric in 2007, which earned her the Samuel Beckett award for writing and directing.

Her brain is filled with more knowledge than you’re capable of consuming.

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Hunter earned her degree in Modern Languages at Oxford University, where she concentrated on French and Italian. From there, she moved to Paris to study avante-garde theater at L’École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq, before moving to New York to train at the Saratoga International Theatre Institute. Basically, she’s a like a sophisticated and less smelly James Franco.

She’s dropped a couple albums…in English and in French.

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