Leonardo DiCaprio Will Never Stop Banging Models (and That’s OK)

Everyone seems to be judging Leonardo DiCaprio these days because he’s 40, has a scary beard, a little flab, and still manages to roll with barely legal models and A-list hotties like Rihanna. Guys, you’re just jealous, and ladies, if you think your clothes wouldn’t come off for Leo in about five seconds, you’re lying to yourselves.

This weekend he was seen partying at the Playboy Mansion with Badgal Riri. In early December, Leo surpassed George Clooney’s former bachelor ways by reportedly taking home 20 models at Art Basel at the same time. Then, he spent New Year’s Eve with more hot models on the beach.

Bada bing.

Bada boom.


Bravo to the actor, who hasn’t succumbed to the societal pressure to settle down and have kids. As relationship expert Jessie James Decker says, Leo may be a bachelor forever. If he wants to rock out with his cock out, so be it. And if you ever find yourself feeling sad the guy hasn’t found “the one” yet, don’t. He’s got plenty to smile about.

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