Bill Cosby’s Final Show Disrupted by Protesters

Around 30 female protestors disrupted Bill Cosby’s stand-up comedy show in Hamilton, Ontario, chanting, “We believe the women,” and carrying signs that read “Rapists Say the Darndest Things.” The issue got so out of hand that police and security had to step in to end the disruption.

It all started as Cosby began performing his comedy act, roughly 30 women rose from their seats, and removed their coats to display white t-shirts emblazoned with the words “We Believe the Women” across the front and backs to launch their protest. The women would go on to blow whistles, while others kept chanting “we believe the women, we believe the women.” As security waded into the audience to corral the protesters, Cosby was on his feet calling out, “Stop, stop, let them, let them, stop… let them have their say.”

Cosby has yet to be charged with sexual assault, but since being accused of rape by Janice Dickinson and over 30 others, it’s been a roller coaster ride for Bill. Things started to look positive when other celebrities took to Twitter to defend him — especially his longtime co-star Phylicia Rashad — but following the events from Friday night, this issue is far from over.

At the conclusion of the Hamilton comedy stand-up, Cosby urged the audience to “take what has been a wonderful time and let us hold no enemies anywhere.” He was then greeted to a near-standing ovation from the remaining audience when walking off stage.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]