‘Broad City’ Will Make You Wish Your Friends Didn’t Suck So Much

Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer are the most envied pair on television. Why? Not only are they IRL best friends, but they’re buddies who get to translate the relationship on their own fictional Comedy Central series, Broad City, which returns for season two tonight. Hell, their on-screen chemistry is enough to make you question your own BFF.

And we don’t blame you. Just take a look at how your friendships compare to the girls of Broad City.

They’ve already answered the toughest question in a relationship: Who is Bey and who is Jay?

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While you’re still debating which friend gets which side of your BFF necklace.

There’s no shame in their “let’s-stay-in-and-order” game, or their classy restaurant embarrassments, because they’ve already seen each other at their worst.

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Meanwhile, you still feel awkward telling your friend about the broccoli in her teeth.

They have witnessed each other’s bodies on a more intimate level than most lovers.

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At sleepovers, you still wait ’til the bathroom is free to change into PJs.

They’re always there to clean up each other’s messes, no questions asked.

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You’re still holding that time your friend threw up in your hand on the cab ride back from that NYE party against her.

Broad City producer Amy Poehler discusses the magic of the show.

Abbi and Ilana always offer each other a new point of view.

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You can only discuss problems with your intimate encounters on Wine and Whine Night.

They’re involved in each other’s successes, and elaborate fantasy sequences.

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You had a weird dream about your friend once, where she rode on the back of a horse, nude. You never brought it up.

Do you have a drum circle with your friends to earn extra cash? Don’t think so, move along.

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Mutual hatred is their secret to a strongly bonded friendship.

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Your level of friendship is still on the, “I don’t want to say anything mean about them, and I love them, but…” level.

They always provide for one another, by any means necessary.

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You and your friends don’t even think about employing nature’s pocket.

They’re always there to lift each other up.

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You guys still feel weird when a hug lingers.

There’s no judgement for offering, nor declining, a threesome.

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Maybe you and your bestie are just prude, though.

There’s no one more important in your friend group than the one who’s willing to stick around when shit hits the fan.

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Your friend accidentally farted in front of you once and the silence was deafening.

They’d follow each other to the depths of this earth.

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You’d maybe follow them into TJ Maxx if you were dragged.

They refuse to imagine a life without one another.

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You and your crew make brunch plans and conveniently forget to invite a certain someone.

Now, go forth and reevaluate those friendships. You know you already are.

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Tara Aquino is an entertainment writer based out of L.A. She likes people, places, and things.