Zooey Deschanel’s Baby Will Dethrone North West as Coolest Celebrity Offspring

People reports that Zooey Deschanel is expecting her first child with her producer boyfriend of six months, Jacob Pechenik. North West may have won 2014, but it’s a new year filled with new celebrity kids. And the future child of the New Girl star and this Hollywood mega-producer is coming for her throne.

We know that the baby will get mommy’s awesome DGAF attitude and daddy’s excellent taste, but their kid will also give superstar offspring like North a run for their money. Here’s why:

1. Mom and dad are too cool to care.

We’ve seen Deschanel go makeup-free on Instagram, while Pechenik isn’t even on social media — which means he probably gives zero fucks about getting approval from strangers. Their baby will likely grow up in a judgement-free zone where weirdness is embraced. Meanwhile, North already has her own stylist and can’t leave the house unless she’s coordinating with Kim.

2. The talent

Deschanel’s jam-packed schedule includes being an A-list actress, front woman of the band She & Him, and a producer on New Girl. Pechenik is credited as executive producer for major films Before Midnight, Jobs, and The Skeleton Twins, AKA this baby will likely be born on the Hollywood sign. Because of Kanye, North has rapping skills in her genes. But if that doesn’t pan out, she can always try horrendous acting modeling, like her mom.

3. Those killer dance moves.

If you’ve watched five minutes of New Girl, you know the entire world is Zooey’s dance floor. (Kim and Kanye can’t dance for shit.)

4. Humor.

Pechenik’s funny level is TBD, but Deschanel brings lightness and laughter to any room she’s in, both on and off-camera. Why so serious, Kim and Kanye?

In conclusion: Watch out, baby North. S/he’s coming.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images, tumblr]

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