These Michelle Obama Moments Prove She’s the Absolute Coolest FLOTUS Ever

Courtney Enlow

The election of Barack Obama as President of the United States was historical for so many reasons, including giving us a historically cool First Lady of the United States. OK, maybe it wasn’t the most important thing about the 2008 election, but Michelle Obama has been approachable, real, and pop culturally aware in ways other FLOTUSes (and POTUSes for that matter) could only dream.

She likes to show us she’s just like us — and that makes her so much cooler than us. We love Michelle, so here are just a few of the times she was the absolute best.

Announcing Argo as Best Picture at the Oscars
Her Bey love in general

The Beygency is clearly under the First Lady’s jurisdiction.

The Evolution of Mom Dancing

Her first Jimmy Fallon collaboration is still the best, and not just because of her amazing bangs game/Jimmy’s wig game.

Planting a garden with Elmo and the Sesame Street kids 

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