Tara Reid Is Still Hot and You’re Just Jealous

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Tara Reid brought in the New Year with a bang: a naked photo on Instagram that got everyone talking. People continue to act shocked and/or hate on the actress for her racy photos, but why can Kim Kardashian share a photo of her bare ass without judgment? Plus, the actress is pushing 40 and still looks bangin’.

But it wasn’t just that single photo. Reid has followed up with even more nakedness. YAS, Tara. If I have that figure when I’m 39, I’ll be walking around in string bikinis, too. Some have cited these photos as reason to believe the actress is too skinny, with eating disorder rumors hitting the gossip cycle. What they haven’t acknowledged is that there are Hollywood stars much thinner than she is. Stars who are at the point of looking scary. (I’m still hoping someone is sending multiple orders of Big Macs to the models from the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.) Could Tara afford to put on a few? Sure. Does that automatically make her anorexic? No.

Others accused her of Photoshopping these recent pictures. This just doesn’t make sense considering she’s consistently had the same figure — and even dating back to 1999. Also, who has time for that? Especially on vacation?

At least one person has the right idea.

Last time I checked, Instagram was a social media site. If other celebrities can freely flaunt what their mommas gave them, then so should Tara. Hop in the gallery to see the star’s sexiest pictures yet. Hate on, haters.

[Photo Credit: @tarareid]


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