10 Reasons Chris Pratt’s Andy Dwyer Is Our TV Boyfriend

Courtney Enlow

On Parks and Recreation, a show filled with amazing characters, one stands out as being the most lovable, precious, and…well…

So let’s celebrate Andy Dwyer, the beating heart of the Pawnee Parks Department. We think he’ll be into the celebratory spirit himself.

Here’s why we love Chris Pratt’s TV alter ego:

1. He appreciates a good meal.

2. He gets very excited for a friend’s success.

How did Pratt go from doofy Andy Dwyer to a Marvel superhero? It wasn’t as easy as it looked.

3. He’ll give you the shirt off his back.

4. He knows how to have small talk at a party.

5. He can admit when he might be wrong.

6. He sums up adulthood fairly well.

7. He always says the most romantic things.

8. He is great with kids.

9. He’s committed to fitness.

10. And, above all else, he loves his wife April and they are perfect.

Bonus: Of course, the real Chris Pratt is perfect, too. Sigh. In the words of Donna Meagle, he can get it.

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[Photo Credit: NBC]