We’re Still Pining for These ’95 Heartthrobs and We Don’t Care Who Knows It

  • Jonathan Taylor Thomas

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  • Andrew Keegan 1995

    [Photo Credit: Bop]

  • Devon Sawa

  • Jared Leto 1995

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  • Leonardo DiCaprio 1995

    [Photo Credit: Super Teen]

  • Tevin Campbell

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  • Thomas Ian Nicholas

  • Rider Strong

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  • Brad Renfro Teen Beat

    [Photo Credit: Teen Beat]

  • Edward Furlong

    [Photo Credit: Teen Beat]

Courtney Enlow

There is nothing like an awareness of the passage of time to make us feel old. Like, the fact that the movie Clueless, the song “Gangsta’s Paradise,” and French Toast Crunch cereal are all 20 years old as of this year. You know what else is 20 years old? Your crush on these 1995 teen heartthrobs. Some aged like fine wine, some maintained success, and some we lost along the way. But nothing fills you with girlish glee quite like looking back at these former teen angels, the prettiest pinups Bop, Tiger Beat, and Teen Beat magazines had to offer.

He got his start on Growing Pains and was Oscar nominated by 20. Today he rolls 20-models deep, but Leonardo DiCaprio circa ’95 will always be our first love.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]