People Who Resort to Using a ‘Sex Box’ on TV Make Us Question Humanity

Just how fame hungry do you have to be to have sex with your significant other in front of a TV audience? There’s a reason porn exists. WEtv’s new reality show Sex Box is basically couples therapy, but by therapy they mean boning in a scary big box and then getting critiqued on your performance. “Awkward” can’t even begin to define this mess. No matter how bad your relationship struggles are, please, for the love of God, do not let your therapy session turn into this. Your kids and grandparents will eventually find clips on the Internet…EW.

Watch the trailer and you’ll be gauging your eyes out in no time.

This is way…

Too. Much.

Someone, please.

Make it stop.

The show’s slogan is: “What happens inside the Box will change everything!” If by “everything” they mean throwing every TV in America into the garbage, then yes. Everything will most certainly change come February 27.

If anyone else is officially grossed out and/or banning your kids from watching television forever, join the club.

[Photo Credit: WEtv]

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