Brave New Jersey Weatherman Not Afraid to Apologize for Botching Blizzard Forecast


Yesterday, the Northeast braced itself for a potentially historic snowstorm that promised over two feet of snow, power outages, and overall hysteria. Eastern Long Island and parts of Connecticut and Rhode Island have seen large totals, but most of New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia is sitting pretty after Juno. So why do meteorologists create such widespread panic and allow for mob mentality to develop inside local grocery stores? At least one weatherman has the balls to admit when he’s wrong.

Gary Szatkowski, Meteorologist-In-Charge at the National Weather Service in Mt. Holly, N.J., gave some Twitter real talk early Tuesday, as complaints of the storm’s failure to meet expectations in Philly hit social media.

Are pigs flying? Is this guy apologizing for messing up his job? Usually weather reporters try to spin a botched storm forecast with tales of the elusive “black ice” and “thundersnow.” Gary, we salute you and your honesty, and we invite you to bingewatch Game of Thrones with us while eating nachos on this fine Tuesday. (Hey, we still have a snow day.)

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[Photo Credit: @GarySzatkowski]