Olivia Pope’s Bra Was the MVP of Last Night’s ‘Scandal’

When it comes to the latest season of Scandal, three things are certain: One: Shonda Rhimes is putting Olivia Pope’s quivering lip to bed. Two: We need more shirtless Fitz and Jake in our lives, and three: Everyone on Twitter loves a good bra.

In the most thrilling and suspenseful episode of the series, Kerry Washington took us by surprise by busting out legit acting chops. (We can no longer criticize Olivia for only having one facial expression.) Yes, we were sad about the lack of naked Fitz and Jake this episode, but fully distracted by Olivia’s undergarments and their unexpected power. Leave it to the head Gladiator to attempt escaping from deep shit with nothing but the underwire from her bra. If you didn’t know Shonda Rhimes was a hardcore feminist, you do now.

Joe Morton (Papa Pope) broke the tension with this amazing tweet.

And Twitter went haywire.

If the highlight of the next episode is Jake’s boxer briefs, our lives will truly be complete.

Washington discusses the future of Olivia Pope and the most difficult emotion to convey on screen.

[Photo Credit: ABC]

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