Sorry, Haters: Tom Brady Is the Best Quarterback of All-Time

Like him or not, we have to come to the same conclusion: Tom Brady is the best NFL quarterback and one of the coolest human beings of all-time. Since his start in 2001, Brady climbed his way up from benchwarmer to Pro Bowler, puts up Hall of Fame numbers season after season, starred in an Entourage episode, and is married to the hottest woman on the planet.

Throw shade all you want, because it will only make him look better. The media tried to pin #Deflategate on him, and all it did was make him a trending topic and get him in front of TV screens for two straight weeks. His popularity has transcended sports (just check out his IMDb page). 

Now he’s taken the New England Patriots to Super Bowl XLIX against the Seattle Seahawks and their famous “Legion of Boom” defense. Many expected the Pats to lose to the reigning champs, but they pulled out one of the most dramatic wins in Super Bowl history. His four touchdown performance isn’t the only reason why he’s the best. Here’s the rest:

1. This isn’t his first Super Bowl

Brady is no stranger to the Super Bowl. He actually holds the record for most postseason wins for a QB. Throughout his 15 season career, he’s earned six trips to the big game, and came out victorious four of those times — that’s three more than Peyton Manning, ouch. He was also named Super Bowl MVP in three of his four wins.

2. Awards on awards on awards

Tom’s trophy room is probably as big as your entire apartment and has Drake “Trophies” playing whenever someone enters (I would know). His impressive collection includes four Super Bowl trophies, three Super Bowl MVP awards, six AFC Championship titles, two NFL MVP awards, 10 Pro Bowl awards, two NFL Offensive Player of the Year awards, and plenty more. That’s a lot of gold.

3. He has the most famous fans

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