Annalise’s Mini-Bar and Pancakes Diet + More Can’t-Miss Moments from ‘How to Get Away with Murder’

How to Get Away with Murder is a roller coaster of nonsense and wonder, and at times it can be hard to keep up. Never fear. Here are the six things you really need to know from last night’s episode, “Best Christmas Ever.” Knowing these six things could be the difference between life and a trophy to the skull. Probably. We can’t say for sure.

1. Annalise lived on mini-bar and pancakes for six days straight.

After Sam’s death and all the dramz, Annalise had no choice but to check into a hotel and drink every tiny bottle of vodka and eat every stack of pancakes until she could no longer feel. The six-day pancakes and vodka cleanse has rejuvenating powers. The lady looks GOOD when she heads back into class for How to Get Away with Murder Semester 2: Electric Bugaloo — now with hip new add-a-kid Marcia Gay Harden to get the kids talkin’!

2. “My husband’s holding two girls captive in our basement.”

The client of the week, a woman named Jackie, comes to Annalise to turn in her husband who’s trapped two young girls in their basement for unspeakable purposes. Without speaking of the unspeakable parts, we’ll just say that babies happen and in the end we find out that one of the babies, who Jackie said had been stillborn, is actually being raised by Jackie. As Jackie’s been in jail for a few days, there’s a very brief moment of concern for the child, who they find very quickly. This isn’t SVU — we have other things to worry about here than children in peril.

3. Rudy, the guy who used to live in Wes’ apartment who left the scratch marks on the wall and the bite marks on the headboard, got a Christmas card from his grandma. It’s mysterious.

That’s really all we know at this point. But the air of mystery means this will unfold at some point. It’s pretty safe to assume that Rudy didn’t exactly move out of his own volition. 4. Frank may have been late to the party but he’s playing his part.
Frank only found out about all the titular murder everyone’s trying to get away with last week, but this week alone he disposed of Connor’s car, faked a Sam sighting upstate, and let Annalise know he’d be more than happy to dispose of Marcia Gay Harden if she so needed. But Annalise doesn’t need to. She and Marcia Gay have a lovely chat over brussels sprouts and everything seems to be super OK.

5. Everyone is  rapidly losing their shit.

Only things are not super OK. Laurel’s family is rich and shallow. Connor’s family is rich, and he has a sister trying to set him up with a man in a turtleneck. Michaela’s fiance’s family is rich and he’s sick of her shit so he breaks up with her. Hope he doesn’t ask for that ring back because that thing is a Chinatown knockoff. Her real ring is, like, in Sam or something. Which reminds me…

6. Sam’s body was found in a landfill.

Just when you think everything is fine, what with the honest talks and the brussels sprouts, Rebecca and Wes watch a news report saying a body has been found in a landfill and was instantly identified as Sam Keating. Only two episodes remain to find out if our heroes get away with mur — OH MY GOD I JUST GOT THAT. [Photo Credit: ABC]