Which ‘Walking Dead’ Character Has the Best Chance of Surviving the Mid-Season Premiere?

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The Walking Dead has been at the cutting edge, no pun intended, of one of television’s latest trends: killing off major characters on the regular. Perhaps only HBO’s sword and sorcery epic Game Of Thrones can give the zombie drama any competition when it comes to pulling on our heartstrings by introducing amazing characters we come to love and admire, only to see them beheaded, disemboweled,and mutilated in the most horrific ways imaginable. This season on The Walking Dead we’ve already said goodbye to (SPOILER ALERT) well-meaning if troubled ex-army medic Bob Stookey and irascible yet ever-jubilant, youthful blonde Beth Greene. For those of you stressing about who may or may not make it through tonight’s mid-season 5 premiere, we’ve provided a helpful guide to all the major characters still walking through the treacherous world of the zombie apocalypse and a breakdown as to who has the best chance of surviving until the next episode. Odds favor the alpha dogs like Michonne and Daryl? Eugene? Not so much. [Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC]