‘Pretty Little Liars’ Star Shay Mitchell Talks ‘Get Roped In’ and Emily’s Revolving Door of Women

If there’s one character on Pretty Little Liars whom you can trust for dating advice, it’s Emily Fields. Played by Shay Mitchell, Emily is never without a lady love to cozy up with, even if said love turns out to be a possible psycho murderer. Now, Mitchell is taking tips from Emily off set by hosting a live dating show, Get Roped In. Sponsored by SweeTarts, Get Roped In is a one-day event in Los Angeles in which the the 27-year-old ABC Family star sets up dates between YouTube stars and their biggest fans. You can follow @sweetartscandy and #getropedin to witness it all play out today beginning at noon PST.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we spoke to Shay about her relationship advice, Emily’s insane love life, and how soon is too soon to go for a rebound.

For Get Roped In, you play Cupid. Do you have any go-to dating tips?
Shay Mitchell: Be yourself, have fun, and try something you’ve never done before. Surprise yourself!

Since everyone’s online dating now, how would you encourage someone to meet face to face?
It’s all about going out there and finding out what your interests and hobbies are, going to different events that are happening locally, and meeting people that way. I’m a fan of the old-fashioned way, so I stay at the grocery store a little too long. [Laughs.] But you have to put yourself out there. You’re not gonna meet anyone if you stay at home.

Emily’s dating life is crazy, and a lot of that has to do with Alison. Is there hope for Emison?
Yeah, I think so. We’ll have to see. It’s all going to depend on how this season wraps up with them. Right now, none of the girls are too happy with Alison, including Emily, but we’re going to have to see if all that blame is right to be put on her.

Alison and Emily’s relationship hasn’t been too healthy. Would you say Emily’s relationship with Alison is toxic?
It’s hard because all of the girls know that Alison has this side to her where she isn’t the nicest person, but at the same time, they’re drawn to her. You have to be careful with relationships like that. You want to be surrounded by positive people who uplift each other and not ones who try to bring each other down. Alison, a lot of the time, ends up doing that, and not the right way. If I could give any advice to the girls, it would be to maybe move on from her — but then again, I don’t know if the Emison fans would agree with me.

Do you think it’s the familiarity between Alison and Emily that keeps her coming back? It’s hard to break away from something you already know so well.
Totally, but as we all do, we’re always changing and growing up. With that comes different friends and having to leave certain people behind. That might be the case with these girls.

So there’s a new girl, Talia, hitting on Emily.
I feel like it’s a revolving door with Emily. [Laughs.]

What do you think about her moving on from Paige so quickly?
I don’t think they even know what it is yet. It might not be a romantic relationship what pans out with Talia and Emily. For right now, it’s good to have another friend come to Rosewood.

What are your thoughts on rebounding? How soon is too soon?
It depends on the relationship and how you feel. If you’re for it, as long as you’re completely done with the relationship, and you guys are both clear that you are broken up, then it’s fine. It’s when you get into that tricky grey area when you’re on a break — that’s when it’s not OK.

Have you played matchmaker before?
Not really. I’ve tried a couple times in the past and it hasn’t worked out so well, but I’ve definitely connected a lot of people and they’ve become friends to this day. I’m happy about that, too. It doesn’t always have to be a romantic relationship.

Speaking of YouTube, you launched your own channel. What inspired that?
I just wanted to share my experiences. I’m so fortunate enough to go to these amazing destinations and do all these fun things, but it’s mostly because of the fans who’ve allowed me to do this. My most recent trip was in Bali and we brought a camera along and that’s going to be coming out next week.

What can we expect from the rest of the season of Pretty Little Liars?
A lot of crazy ups and downs. It all builds up to the season finale, which is my favorite episode ever. You’ll definitely want to watch the rest of the episodes to piece together what happens in the finale.

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