5 People Who Will Rejoice at Jon Stewart’s ‘Daily Show’ Departure

Last night, Jon Stewart, The Daily Show host of 16 years, revealed he was leaving the late-night series. Stewart and fans shared a tearful goodbye, while Twitter blew up with longtime viewers begging him not to go. There’s no exit date yet (and he may not be leaving until September), but we’re certain there are folks who are counting down the days.

The political satirist is a comedy pioneer who knew no boundaries, making fun of serious racial, religious, and political situations, and influencing TV personalities to come. Here are five people we imagine are more that excited about Stewart’s impending departure.

1. Politicians

Stewart once referred to President Harry S. Truman was a “war criminal” and confronted Senator John McCain face-to-face about his hypocrisy. No one is safe.

2. Political Commentators 

Glenn Beck is one of many who repeatedly got owned by the wrath of Stewart. Other usual suspects include Don Lemon and Ann Coulter.

3. Republicans

The liberal anchor often takes the conservative party to task. Recently, he noted their lack of any discernible human emotion during President Obama’s State of the Union address, saying: “Are you sitting because you’d prefer a lower stock market and fewer jobs? Do you sit because you want higher inflation? No. What is clear is that the glue that holds us together as a people is not nearly as strong as the glue holding the wood of John Boehner’s chair to the wood of John Boehner’s ass.”

4. Donald Trump (because he’s his own species of human awfulness)

Stewart will rip into the billionaire business man for anything, whether it’s his ridiculous fight with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel over the gaudy Trump sign on his new skyscraper or taking Sarah Palin to a mediocre pizza chain.

5. The People of Florida

What better way to welcome Florida Senator Marco Rubio than by crapping all over his home state? Stewart not only mocked Florida counties for preventing gay marriages from going forward, but its tendency toward crazy as well. Case in point: the reptile store owner who was arrested by beating someone with a lizard. What will we do without Stewart rattling off examples of Florida’s insanity?

[Photo Credit: Comedy Central]