Anna Kendrick Spoiled the Ending of ‘Fifty Shades’ So You’ll Just Have to Go See ‘The Last Five Years’ Instead

Two very different love stories are competing for your attention this Valentine’s weekend, Fifty Shades of Grey, starring Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, and The Last Five Years, starring Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan. The former is about an unhealthy BDSM relationship, and the latter is a musical about one completely falling apart. Regardless of how depressing that sounds, Kendrick made an excellent case for why you should watch her sing.

At The Last Five Years press conference Wednesday, Kendrick vouched for her film’s more hopeful ending by divulging just how screwed up Fifty Shades is.

Warning: If you don’t want it to be spoiled, stop reading now.

“I would argue that [our movie] has a happier ending than Fifty Shades,” Kendrick said. “I have read the book…He spanks her too hard and she leaves! This is true. That is the end.” Obviously, that probably won’t deter anyone from watching the most talked about R-rated movie this year, but its baffling ridiculousness is a pretty convincing argument.

Director Richard LaGravenese also offered up his reason for checking out their film. “This weekend, you have your real hard sex with Fifty Shades, and [this movie] is what happens after the hard sex, when you actually have to deal with reality and real people,” he said. “I know that when people come to see this, single people and people in relationships, the movie is reflective of where you are at that time…You project whatever you’re feeling onto it.”

“Yeah it’s also the movie to go, ’Oh, I’m so glad our relationship is so nice,'” Kendrick continued. “If you’re going to break up, this movie will speed it along.”

But you shouldn’t have to be convinced to see The Last Five Years. An adaptation of Jason Robert Brown’s original stage musical, LaGravenese take is marked by passionate performances from Kendrick and Broadway star Jordan. Kendrick plays a struggling actress named Cathy whose marriage to a successful young novelist named Jamie (Jordan) crumbles as his success skyrockets. It’s a moving portrait of love at its best and worst and perfect for a weekend that forces you to think about the most intimate relationships in your life.

Jordan described the film best, saying, “Love has so many different facets of it though, and even the typical Valentine’s movie will have its ups and downs, and generally ends happy. Ours just doesn’t. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a massive amount of love there.”

It’s your call: spanking or singing? Whatever your choice, know that you won’t regret The Last Five Years.

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