Amazing Bleach Skills and Rings of Deception + More Can’t-Miss Moments From ‘How to Get Away With Murder’

Tragically, this week’s episode of How to Get Away With Murder contained no pancakes. But what we lacked in breakfast goods, we more than made up for in absolutely spectacular detective and cleaning skills. And murder-framing skills. Mostly that one. Here are the six things you really need to know from last night’s episode, “She’s a Murderer.”

1. Marcia Gay Harden is having a Marcia Gay Hard Time.
MGH (as Sam’s sister Hannah) and her pet neckerchief are having a series of major meltdowns and snizz snits. She is convinced Annalise killed Sam. She tells the police that she’ll testify to whatever they want if they search the house. Meanwhile, Annalise is teaching her class about the fifth amendment and the importance of saying nothing when questioned. Shit is getting Serial in here.


2. Rudy the mysterious guy is still a mystery.
Cops. Drama. Intrigue. Deception. Christmas cards. This storyline has everything but a story.


3. Annalise cleans up a damn good crime scene.
The cops did all those fancy TV tests with chemicals and closed drapes yet they didn’t find a trace, despite massive blood loss and a murder weapon still in the house. She probably should have disposed of the body herself too because she clearly knows what she’s doing and these kids are goddamn failures.

4. Annalise fights for justice and what’s right, even for the mob.
She took on the feds to protect some innocent mafia men, even when the prosecutor threatened to find dirt on her that will put her away for Sam’s murder.


5. Bonnie seems like a wet blanket garbage ice princess, but she’s a phenomenal detective.
Bonnie totally put together that the students killed Sam by hitting him in the head with the trophy, then wrapped him up in a carpet and burned him in the woods behind campus, just because the scales fell off the trophy and ended up next to the TV. That’s impressive. Too impressive. To the point where it’s kind of stupid.


6. WHAT THE DAMN SHIT? Annalise framed Hot Nate for Sam’s murder!
First, we got a Michaela fake-out. They found a ring in the woods. We were all like, ’DAMMIT MICHAELA, take off your massive rock before destroying a dead body!’ But it’s not Michaela’s ring! It’s Sam’s ring! To protect herself and the students, Annalise had Frank use stealthiness and Scotch tape to fake a Nate fingerprint on it. Now, he’s been arrested for the murder. All Hot Nate ever did was love her and take her to Tastytown under her desk and, you know, cheat on his dying wife. Annalise was sad and guilty, so she had to call her mommy, CICELY FREAKIN’ TYSON! God, I love this show.

There’s only one episode left until the finale. Can our hearts take it? Will we uncover the mystery of mysterious Rudy? Will Hot Nate forgive Annalise again? Because he sure does that a lot, and he might have some issues with being a pushover. We’ll find out next week!

[Photo Credit: ABC]