Rihanna Prefers Wealthy Club Owners to Leonardo DiCaprio

Seeing recent pics of Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna club hopping seriously got us thinking. Damn, after letting himself go, how is Leo still scoring all these hot chicks? Well, my friends, the truth has finally come out.

Turns out, Rihanna’s new man is actually Leo’s BFF, club owner Richie Akiva. A very wealthy, VIP club owner, might I add. Leo and RiRi have been spotted partying multiple times, most recently on Valentine’s Day, when they were caught leaving NYC club Up & Down (one of the spots Akiva owns) at 4:30 AM. Richie is the one who seems to be ducking the cameras.

Behold: Rihanna’s new man.

Very slick, guys. If you thought Leo and Rihanna were a strange match anyway, you weren’t alone. The Gossip Table’s Chloe Melas shares her personal experience with the singer’s fondness for rich club owners.

[Photo Credit: Splash News]

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