Jamie Dornan’s Wife Shouldn’t Refuse to See ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

Fifty Shades of Grey has been killing it at the box office, and star Jamie Dornan has had to beat the ladies away with a stick because of all the hype. In the midst of all the attention, The Gossip Table reports that his wife, Amelia Warner, isn’t planning on seeing the film since it’s basically 110 minutes of her hubby going to town on someone else. But there are some very valid reasons why she should.

1. Jamie adores her.

It’s clear he only has eyes for his beloved wifey — he brings her up in interviews any chance he gets. Swoon.

2. He loves their perfect family.

Dornan can’t stress enough that he “love[s] fatherhood” and it’s goddamn precious.

3. He and Dakota Johnson have no chemistry anyway.

Review after review has pointed this out (and even their press tour was awkward). One critic went as far as saying, “If only we weren’t left wondering whether Dornan secretly wants out of his contract.” Woof.

4. Seriously, there’s nothing there.

Their steamy scenes barely translated as “hot and heavy,” so why would it be that way off screen?

 5. Amelia can watch the film and know that’s her man.

Wouldn’t it be a turn on watching your hubby’s perfect body on the big screen? Realizing that every woman in the world wants him, but only you can have him? Knowing what he’s capable of in the bedroom? Watch him whip it with pride, girlfriend!

[Photo Credit: Splash News/weheartit/OfficialFifty/taburiko.tumblr.com]

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