New York Fashion Week’s Finest Resting Bitchfaces

New York Fashion Week is a magical time of fancy clothes and faces that simply refuse to smile. Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s RBF: resting bitchface, the condition that afflicts men and women worldwide. Here are just a few of Fashion Week’s finest RBFs.

At Malan Breton, Miss Teen USA K. Lee Graham and Miss USA 2014 Nia Sanchez, as well as two people in round sunglasses (one of whom might be Hollywood Montrose from Mannequin), are competing for most bored RBF. Everyone is a winner.

Allison Williams is pleased as punch at Michael Kors. But Kate Hudson is less than impressed, and her phone is the lucky recipient of some serious RBF.

Lindsay Ellington and Alexandra Richards attended Sophie Theallet. Ellington is delighted. Richards looks like this in every picture, which is to say RBF on fleek.

Sophie Theallet was replete with the best RBFs I’ve ever seen. Look at these models. Look at their angry, angular faces. Perfection.

These ladies too. Left model is rocking your classic RBF, whereas right model is giving us the slight smile of an RBF master.

This Lupe Gajardo show model is serving the exact RBF this hat deserves.

You know your RBF game is strong when you can still see it through…all this. Design by Zong Peng at the The Art Institutes show.

The RBF isn’t just for women; that would be sexist. Here, Jesus Romero and company at The Art Institutes fashion show display a wide array of intent studying and at least two RBF masterpieces.

These Lupe Gajardo models know what the people want. And what we want is more faces like this.

This Ricardo Seco model gives us the rare Resting Sadface. It’s beautiful. It is art. It is FASHION.

We may not be able to prevent resting bitchface, but bad style is an entirely different story. The Gossip Table has more on the fashion community slamming Kim Kardashian’s NYFW looks.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]