Watch This Old Clip of Eddie Murphy Impersonating Bill Cosby

In a bizarre Twitter rant yesterday, Norm Macdonald divulged 100 tweets worth of behind-the-scenes details from the making of SNL 40. His most revealing tweets, however, related to Eddie Murphy.

According to Macdonald, Murphy, who hadn’t been back to Studio 8H since leaving the show in 1985, refused to impersonate Bill Cosby, who’s been facing allegations of sexually assaulting multiple women, in a sketch. Instead, the veteran comedian opted to reminisce, however briefly, on his time on the show.

On Murphy’s decision, Macdonald tweeted:

In a statement released to NBC News, Cosby thanked Murphy for decision, saying, “I am very appreciate of Eddie and I applaud his actions.”

Cosby’s been a target of Murphy’s comedy before, as you can see in the clip from his special, Raw (1987). There, he remembers a phone call he received from Cosby, as he impersonates the older comedian who rang to critique his act. Cosby notes that his son Ennis had been a fan of Murphy’s comedy, but he didn’t appreciate the profanity his son’s were subjected to hearing. Murphy then goes on to call Richard Pryor about Cosby’s request, to which Pryor responds by calling Bill a Jell-O Puddin’ eatin’ motherfucka.”

Welp, it looks like Eddie Murphy isn’t about putting people on blast anymore. It’s truly the end of era.

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