Life Would Be So Much Better If These ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’-Inspired Items Existed

Aside from the excruciating phrase “inner goddess,” there is no such thing as too much Fifty Shades of Grey. We’ve seen Fifty Shades-inspired wines, cookbooks, and teddy bears, but these are the items that we really need.

Is it awkward using S&M-esque supplies at work? Probably not. Would it be amazing to look at Jamie Dornan while enjoying your morning cereal? Absolutely. Do childhood games become wildly inappropriate with the E.L. James touch? Yup, but we would still buy them.

Behold, the Fifty Shades of Grey items that make life a lot more exciting.

Whippies Cereal

Because you need your strength to endure Christian’s Red Room.

Board Games

You’re paying much closer attention at game night now, aren’t you?

Office Supplies

Maybe Dornan’s wife wouldn’t be so touchy if she knew everyone was doing it?

Humiliate Me Elmo

We doubt Toys ’R’ Us would carry this one.

[Photo Credit: Ryan Williams + Quinlan Omahne/VH1, Tyco]

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.