Cicely Tyson Teaches Us the True Meaning of “VIP” on ‘How to Get Away with Murder’

This episode of How to Get Away with Murder can be summed up in three words: CICELY GODDAMN TYSON. As Annalise’s mom, Ophelia, Tyson is literal actual everything. The episode had even more than this queen, if you can imagine. Here are this weeks’ can’t-miss moments.

1. “Don’t you know a VIP when you see one? Your boss came out of my V and her daddy’s P.”

I cannot overstate this. Cicely Tyson is EVERYTHING. From her judgment on “Anna Mae” and her “sorry-ass husband” and perfect summary of the situation, she is literal human perfection. I love her. I want to live with her and have her raise me as her own.

According to Shonda Rhimes, that line came from a real person. Which means that real person, whoever they may be, can also raise me as their own.

2. Bonnie is the kind of the worst lawyer.

“For that reason you should find Jolene Samuels guilty…Not guilty, that was a slip, excuse me.” What the damn hell, Bonnie? But she gets better as the episode goes on.

3. Rebecca is up to something.

She told the cops that Hot Nate asked her to plant evidence and when she refused, he must have found a way to do it himself. She also made a weird Rudy joke. Wes is suspicious.

4. Annalise was raped by her uncle and her mom knew. 

She went to Sam for counseling after, and that’s how they met. She was his patient. Jesus. Her mom then tells her that she too was raped. (“Men take things.”) This episode is brutal.

We later find out Annalise’s mom killed the uncle, burning her house down with him in it. “Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do,” she says.

5. Bonnie wins her case. 

Baller job, Bonnie. I take back what I said before. Except, technically Oliver won that for you. You guys need to start paying him. Bonnie celebrates her win by nailing herself some Asher in a parking garage. While Frank watches from his car. She improves as a lawyer but isn’t great at public sexing.

6. Who killed Lila?

Mysterious Rudy, he’s made of mystery, had a nervous breakdown and had to be institutionalized, and it all started the night Lila was killed. Is it possible Sam didn’t actually kill Lila? Did Rudy do it, or did Rebecca do it and Rudy saw? All Rudy could say was, “wet.” Wes might be onto Rebecca — and Rebecca might be onto Wes being onto her.

[Photo Credit: ABC]