Two Moms Complain ‘Fifty Shades’ Sex Scenes Aren’t Hot Enough

Despite a big opening weekend at the box office and a rabid fan base, Fifty Shades of Grey has more than a few faults. Brave souls Andrea and Elaine shared their feelings towards the film — specifically the sex scenes — on the Internet. They’ve said what we’re all thinking (not hot enough!), but the fact that they’re middle-aged mothers, giving their review in front of their own daughters just validates everything.

The sex scenes, which Andrea and Elaine believe the were well done, but definitely not “hardcore,” were a total yawnfest compared to what we were expecting. (These two ladies claim they’ve seen raunchier material in Game of Thrones.) This is why Fifty Shades needs to step up its game if the sequel finally gets greenlit. Hopefully once all of the drama is settled between author E.L. James and Sam Taylor-Johnson, the studio will serve the steamy scenes we’re still waiting for.

If these moms weren’t impressed, we doubt Jamie Dornan’s wife would be either. Check out these film aficionados discuss the problems with Fifty Shades.

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