Celebrity Moose Knuckle: Your Guide to the Male Camel Toe

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  • david-beckham-moose-knuckle

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  • jon-hamm-moose-knuckle

It’s time for a vocabulary lesson, kids. If you thought that male bulge and moose knuckle were the same thing, you were sorely mistaken.

Think of the moose knuckle as the male version of camel toe, most recently made famous by Khloe Kardashian. Unfortunate instances when those pants are just a wee bit too tight (in the front). We already know (and continue to hope) that the bulge will dominate 2015. But looking at celeb moose knuckle gives us an up close and personal image that can never be unseen.

Take a look in the gallery and just try to think of Jon Hamm the same way again.

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