The Lonely Island, Tegan and Sara Wake Up Oscars with “Everything Is Awesome”

The Lego Movie’s snub for Best Animated Feature was one of the biggest disappointments this Oscar season, but The Lonely Island and Tegan and Sara, the creative minds behind the film’s theme nominated theme song, certainly made up for it.

Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone (a.ka. The Lonely Island) wrote the song, along with Shawn Patterson, Joshua Bartholomew, Lisa Harriton, while sisters Tegan and Sara Quinn sang the vocals in the original cut.

The performance began with a choir of Lego figures, with Tegan and Sara coming out singing betwixt illustrated Oscar statues. The Lonely Island then joined the duo by rapping a few verses.

And now it gets weird.

Like one bizarre acid trip, colorful construction workers, astronauts, and cowboys flooded the stage with Lego-made statues in hand, while Batman (apparently Will Arnett in Val Kilmer’s old Batman Forever suit) lent a bit of vocals with Questlove standing right next to him. And this all happened within the span of what felt like 2.5 seconds.

BRB. We need some time to process what just happened.

[Photo Credit: Straight Like a Curve]

[Photo Credit: Straight Like a Curve]

Watch the performance in full.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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