Patricia Arquette Uses Her Boss Oscars Speech to Fight For Wage Equality

Patricia Arquette is proving to be the hero of Oscar night. The Boyhood star used her Best Supporting Actress acceptance speech in the best way possible: by addressing the unfair wage gap between men and women.

After thanking her Boyhood cast and crew, Arquette called for equal rights for women, proclaiming it’s time for men and women to be given the same pay for the same job. “It’s our time to have wage equality once and for all!” she exclaimed.

Her speech was welcomed with a rave response from the crowd, particularly seatmates Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lopez who went apeshit and leaped out of their chairs to cheer her on.

UPDATE 2/24/2015

Ever since her acceptance speech, Arquette received a lot of flack from the crazies who not only complained that she had no right to comment on wage equality since she’s a successful actress, but also that equal pay would hurt the economy. She took to Twitter to address the criticisms:

Arquette already knows the way. Now here are other ways the Oscars can spice things up.

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