Larry Wilmore Goes In on the Oscars’ Whiteness and Rudy Giuliani’s Critique of President Obama

Doing what he does best, Larry Wilmore addressed all things ridiculous and racist on The Nightly Show last night. First up, Wilmore commended host Neil Patrick Harris on acknowledging the whiteness of the Hollywood, before jokingly taking it back by making black actress Octavia Spencer his help for the evening. Wilmore then goes into praising the acceptance speeches with substance, including Patricia Arquette’s on wage equality, Lonnie Lynn’s (yes, Common) on race, and Graham Moore’s on “staying weird” (which apparently John Travolta stayed true to).

Then he gets into the meat of his segment: former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani’s critiques of President Obama, which include that the President wasn’t brought up with love of the U.S. nor does he praise the country and rally for unity, and most of all, that Obama didn’t live through 9/11. Wilmore addressed Giuliani aptly with this perfect question, “Are you drunk?”

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