Naya Rivera Announces Pregnancy on the Day Ex-Fiance Big Sean’s Album Drops

Naya Rivera is expecting her first child with husband Ryan Dorsey, according to an adorable “bun in the oven” image posted on the Glee star’s website Tuesday evening. It’s exciting and special, but let’s remember that she was engaged to Big Sean a year ago. Oh, and yesterday the rapper released his highly anticipated album Dark Sky Paradise. Coincidence?

The Naya-Big Sean romance is arguably the most intriguing and confusing of the social media age. They met on Twitter, flaunted their enviable bodies and couples retreats all over Instagram, recorded a song together, and were engaged within six months. And then just as they seemed poised to become the next Bey and Jay (work with me here), they called off their engagement in April 2014 amid rumors that Sean stole Rolexes from Rivera’s home. Just wait, it gets better. On July 19, Rivera married Dorsey on the same day (and in the same dress) she had reserved for her wedding to Sean. Someone needs to be writing this all down and holding casting calls, because the Naya-Sean saga is the great romance drama the 21st century film needs. 

This isn’t the first time celebs have been publicly petty in regard to their exes. Last summer, Kevin Hart announced his engagement on the day Atlanta Exes (starring his ex-wife Torrei Hart) premiered; we all deal with our feelings in different ways. So congrats to you, Naya, and your expanding family. We can’t wait to hear more about your fetus and hope s/he shares Santana Lopez’s lacerating wit. Twitter, however, thinks you’re up to something.

The Gossip Table weighs in on Naya’s big reveal.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]