Jane Lynch Reveals What Song the ‘Glee’ Cast Will Sing in the Series Finale

We’re less than a month out from the Glee series finale. Series supervillain, with more than a few soft spots, Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) stopped by Big Morning Buzz Live Wednesday and revealed details about the final episode. “It was a gorgeous couple of days,” Lynch said of the last days on set. “Very moving.” Lynch explained that the final episode will feature both flashbacks and flashforwards. Like Parks and Recreation, Glee will jump into the future (2020), as well as travel back to 2009 (the year of season one). When looking at photos from those final shoot days, Lynch slipped in one of the upcoming songs. “That was a big musical number, we did that on Thursday. ’I Lived,’ I believe is the song,” she revealed. “Everybody came. Everybody that was in the show that wanted to come was invited.”

So does this mean we can expect a full-blown Gleek rendition of “I Lived” by OneRepublic? It seems likely, unless Ryan Murphy used Lynch’s comments to throw us off his scent. We never really know what to expect with that guy.

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